About Agape
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About Agape for Youth

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Our Vision

Serving Families, Youth, And Each Other With Excellence

Our Mission

Providing youth and families with supportive, nurturing services that encourage each other to reach their full potential.

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Serving The Community Since 1989

Agape was founded in 1989 in order to place children into foster homes which could guide and support youth in becoming functioning individuals in society. Over the past 34 years, Agape for Youth, Inc. has built a strong reputation in the community as a leader in quality therapeutic foster care. Over the years, Agape has expanded its services to include family foster care, providing adoption home studies, preparation of families and children for adoption, and supportive services to adoptive families.

Expanding Excellence

In 2008, the Reunification Services program was added and this program has provided the opportunity to work with families whose children are making the transition from foster care back to their biological family. In 2018, our Reunification department began an additional service of family preservation, and Agape became a member of the Bridges Provider network. Then in 2020, our Reunification Services program continued to grow and became our Family Support unit, which focuses on all families no matter where they are at in their child welfare journey by adding Enhanced Supervised Visitation as an additional service. 

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With additional services and continued growth, Agape for Youth, Inc. continues to uphold the fundamental belief of providing personal services to each family and youth working with our agency and supporting those individuals as they work together as for the success of the youth in their care.

As a foster care, adoption through foster care, and reunification services agency, Agape for Youth, Inc. embraces the principle that each individual youth we serve is a person of worth. Our sincere commitment is to accept each youth that comes into our program in a way that they may find viable alternatives to meet the special needs in their life. Agape also seeks to demonstrate an acceptance that has no strings attached due to dysfunctional behavior, physical limitation, culture, color, sex, religion, or national origin.

Our continued goal is to work as a team together with the child’s biological family, local Children Services, the foster/adoptive parents and the youth to build greater opportunities for development and enrichment.

Leadership Team

Executive Director/Founder

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Rodger Stauffer
 Foster Care Manager

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Vice President of Strategy

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Jamie Fisher LSW
Director of Marketing, Promotion and Program Development

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Erica Helton

Erica Helton


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Administrative Staff

Accounting Assistant

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Family Support Specialists

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Licensing & Training Staff

Licensing & Compliance/Intake Supervisor

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Assessment Coordinator and Licensing Specialist

(937) 439-4406 ext. 1121

Training Coordinator/Licensing Specialist

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Foster Care Youth Specialists

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(937) 439-4406 ext. 1107

(937) 439-4406 ext. 1118

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(937) 439-4406 ext. 1119


Board of Directors

Board of Directors Member Timothy McKinney

Timothy McKinney

Board of Directors Member Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson

Vice President
Board of Directors Treasurer Mark Mazer

Mark Mazer

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Thomas Gunlock

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Amy Gantt

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Why Our Work Matters

I know the Founder, as a Teen I myself had some issues to work out and Steve was my Counselor and Big Brother. I am a very successful Business Man and Family Man. Thanks for your Support My Friend and what a Great Agency you have Founded.

Former Teen

Daniela was amazing! I really loved how no matter what issue it was or what day/time it was, she helped and listed!

Family Support Parent

A great parent coach 10/10 recommend to any parent needing help.

Family Support Parent

Our worker was a pleasure to work with. We are extremely happy with the knowledge and compassion that she showed towards our family. She feels like family, and we are truly going to miss her.

Family Support Parent

Staff at Agape really care for the community and the youth. I love Agape and all they have done for me and my family. I have become someone I can be proud of.

Former Parent


Ways to Help


Your support matters. Join us in our mission to grow families well by making a donation today.


We can’t do this without you. Whether you are qualified to tutor youth or can offer support for one of our annual events, your time and talents are both needed and appreciated.