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Because Reunification Isn’t Always an Option.

Agape offers adoption services as a part of our foster care program in order to provide care to our foster children who no longer can reunify with their biological family. This past year, all adoptions taking place through Agape for Youth, Inc. were foster children being adopted by their foster family. Individuals who are open to fostering children can gain experience in caring for special needs children. In the event that a foster child cannot reunify with their biological family member, foster parents often become the preferred adoptive placement option. 

Why Adoption?

Adoption through foster care is a way to start off the parenting experience positively since the adoptive parent and child have an opportunity to get acquainted and build a relationship while the child is in foster care.

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We are thankful that you are taking the first step in learning more about becoming an adoptive parent. Please fill out the form below to get in touch with our staff.

Adoption Inquiry

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Our Process

Agape provides a variety of adoption services including adoption homestudy, parent education classes, adoption preparation, placement and post-placement support. Agape focuses on serving families in the counties of southwest Ohio so that we are able to provide the support needed for a successful foster care and adoption experience.

Why Our Work Matters

I know the Founder, as a Teen I myself had some issues to work out and Steve was my Counselor and Big Brother. I am a very successful Business Man and Family Man. Thanks for your Support My Friend and what a Great Agency you have Founded.

Former Teen

Daniela was amazing! I really loved how no matter what issue it was or what day/time it was, she helped and listed!

Family Support Parent

A great parent coach 10/10 recommend to any parent needing help.

Family Support Parent

Our worker was a pleasure to work with. We are extremely happy with the knowledge and compassion that she showed towards our family. She feels like family, and we are truly going to miss her.

Family Support Parent

Staff at Agape really care for the community and the youth. I love Agape and all they have done for me and my family. I have become someone I can be proud of.

Former Parent


There are many different types of individuals who can adopt. Children in need of an adoptive parent(s) require a person who will provide a stable, safe, and loving family environment.

Adoptive parent(s):

  • Can be married, single, divorced, or widowed
  • May or may not have other children
  • At least 18 years of age to also be approved for foster care
  • Can be renters or homeowners
  • Have a minimum yet stable income
  • Have any level of education

The adoption homestudy for an individual interested in adopting a child in the custody of a public children service agency has no fee. For additional information, the agency can be contacted to obtain a copy of the adoption policy.

  • Contact Agape Licensing Team at (937) 439-4406 ext. 1121 or through the inquiry contact form above.
  • Attend an orientation meeting to learn more about Agape. These meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Please contact the Agape office to confirm the meeting date at (937) 439-4406.
  • Begin attending the 36 hours education courses required for the homestudy. You can begin classes at any point as they do not need to be taken in order. 
  • Complete an application to care for children.
  • Submit paperwork for the homestudy (such as a medical statement, background check, fire inspection).
  • Meet with a social worker for an interview(s) so that the agency can become better acquainted with your family to determine the type of child you are interested in parenting.

The majority of Agape for Youth families are dually approved for both foster care and adoption. The homestudy is completed on the same form and both foster care and adoption requirements have similar paperwork. The only difference is just a few more questions during the “getting to know you” interview. This easy method to become approved for both foster care and adoption simplifies the process for families interested in having a homestudy completed who are open to possibly foster and/or adopting children. Both approvals are valid for two years and can be renewed at the same time.

Ways to Help


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