Bridging Hope
and Futures

Bridging Hope and Futures

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Agape’s current Bridging Hope and Futures program is a monthly in person, hands on, life skills class for teens 14 and over served by Agape for Youth. Each month our team focuses on a life skill in one of our nine program components by utilizing hands on learning, classroom lecture, guest speakers and field trips out in the community. Those nine components are: Independent Living, Physical Health, Mental Health, The Importance of High School, Higher Education, Employment Skills, Housing Options, Community and Environment.

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The Expansion

Thanks to the generous donations and grants from the community, we have been able to expand our services and reach to make a larger impact on the youth 14 and over. By expanding the current monthly services offered to include one on one case management, we can provide a more dedicated approach to learning and reach more teens we are serving. Through a specialized treatment plan on independent living skills, the expanded Bridging Hope and Futures allows additional time to work on the specific skills each teen needs to be successful in adulthood. Through this extended service, the goal would be to better equip teens with the skills needed to reduce homelessness after emancipation and increase financial literacy as they are entering adulthood.


BHF Coordinator

(937) 439-4406 ext. 1115

BHF Coordinator

(937) 439-4406 ext. 1115

Current Donors

Charles A. Gockel Family Fund

The Spurlino Fund

The Spurlino Family Fund II

Why Our Work Matters

I know the Founder, as a Teen I myself had some issues to work out and Steve was my Counselor and Big Brother. I am a very successful Business Man and Family Man. Thanks for your Support My Friend and what a Great Agency you have Founded.

Former Teen

Daniela was amazing! I really loved how no matter what issue it was or what day/time it was, she helped and listed!

Family Support Parent

A great parent coach 10/10 recommend to any parent needing help.

Family Support Parent

Our worker was a pleasure to work with. We are extremely happy with the knowledge and compassion that she showed towards our family. She feels like family, and we are truly going to miss her.

Family Support Parent

Staff at Agape really care for the community and the youth. I love Agape and all they have done for me and my family. I have become someone I can be proud of.

Former Parent

Ways to Help


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We can’t do this without you. Whether you are qualified to tutor youth or can offer support for one of our annual events, your time and talents are both needed and appreciated.