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Family Support Services

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What are Family Support Services?

Agape provides services to biological families and/or primary families of youth in foster care or out of home placements. Families served through this unit are either working on preventing their children from going into foster care, receiving services to help strengthen their family unit during supervised visitations while their children are not living in their home, or families who are working on reunifying with their children after their child was living elsewhere.

The goal of Family Support services is to strengthen families at its core to help keep children and families together.

Because Families Deserve a Chance to Stay Together.

These services are designed for families who need help to safely and smoothly parent the children in their home. They may need additional support due to the child’s age and/or behavior, parents’ behavior and/or emotional problem, length of child’s out-of-home placement, or the parent being unfamiliar with child development.

Family Support services are used to help children trust the home environment and help the parent(s) develop the skills they need to effectively protect and parent their children. The services provided are both traditional and non-traditional services and are short term and intensive.

The purpose of this program is to stabilize the home environment and provide the families with the necessary resources to continue to succeed once the service being provided by Agape are complete.

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Why Our Work Matters

I know the Founder, as a Teen I myself had some issues to work out and Steve was my Counselor and Big Brother. I am a very successful Business Man and Family Man. Thanks for your Support My Friend and what a Great Agency you have Founded.

Former Teen

Daniela was amazing! I really loved how no matter what issue it was or what day/time it was, she helped and listed!

Family Support Parent

A great parent coach 10/10 recommend to any parent needing help.

Family Support Parent

Our worker was a pleasure to work with. We are extremely happy with the knowledge and compassion that she showed towards our family. She feels like family, and we are truly going to miss her.

Family Support Parent

Staff at Agape really care for the community and the youth. I love Agape and all they have done for me and my family. I have become someone I can be proud of.

Former Parent

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