Agape’s Top 10 of May 2021

We are so excited to begin sharing our top 10 of each month! Agape staff and families are out growing families and changing lives!!

  1. We had a young man who was adopted by one of our foster families at the age of 17 in December 2020 and he GRADUATED high school!
  2. One of our young adults’ little boys was featured in a flyer for Riverside Early Intervention! It was an awesome article with an adorable picture of him!
  3. One of our young adults gave birth to a healthy baby girl this month!!!
  4. Bridges Liaison’s attended TWO high School graduations this year!!
  5. The Knabel family finalized their adoption of their beautiful baby girl!
  6. Thanks to the donations to our youth and family fund, we had a young girl receive her own bike this month to ride in her neighborhood! We hear she is doing it almost every day!
  7. One of our youth who was adopted last year attended Camp Joy while in Foster Care. He enjoyed camp so much that he is now employed and just started his first job!! 
  8. We licensed one family this year!
  9. Agape had 5 graduates!!!
  10. A young adult moved into their first apartment!!!